Fancy Foods Show - Fine Foods, Fantastic Frolics,& Foodies Galore

Foodies Heaven. The purest chocolate, the slurpiest ramen, and the creamiest ice cream to name a few of the rewards for being admitted to the Fancy Foods Show.

Filfil Foods is presenting our garlic condiments at the Fancy Foods Show again in 2017, our second year in a row. We are so excited to be here with thousands of other food companies from around the world. Just across from our booth is a chocolate company from Madagascar!!!




Based in Brooklyn, we are extreme foodies so nothing could be better than being surrounded by premium, organic, and gourmet food for three whole days, let the sampling begin! Yesterday I tried mini organic ice-cream rolled in a honey glazed waffle cone 😍 Another favorite from yesterday was smoked salmon from Sweden. Today I am headed to the Japanese section and continue my mission of finding the best confectionary here at the show.


Stay tuned tomorrow for our final post on the Fancy Foods Show and a list of our favorite co-exhibitors!

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