Introducing Filfil Yummy Points

All Hail the Holy Filfil

Playful shrine of Filfil with colorful banners, figurines, and our delicious gourmet garlic condiments

We Love You ❤️ 

We see you on the streets, share photos over Instagram, and talk on Facebook. Through it all we have met amazing people who love the flavor of Filfil as much as we do! Now it is our time to honor you. At Filfil we have cooked up a saucey little scheme to get you discounts on your favorite gourmet garlic condiments.


Everyday we are coming up with new ways to add to your Filfil experience. Today it is Yummy Points, tomorrow is a new recipe, last month we launched on Amazon for your convenience, who knows what next month will bring. Have something you want to see on our website, emails, or social media? Send us a message on Facebook or email at

Introducing Yummy Points

Image displaying Filfil Yummy Points button on the bottom right corner of your screen


Yummy Points are Filfil's new rewards program for awesome customers like you. It allows you to get discounts Filfil every time you order or share. So the more you buy, the more you save. Awesome! Here's how - just click our Yummy Points button on the bottom right corner of and we will set you up from there 👍



How can I earn Yummy Points? 


Adding Yummy -  Yummy Points are a game changer in our mission of "Adding Yummy to Life". You get more yummy points by enjoying Filfil and ordering your favorite gourmet garlic condiments.

Creative Expression - Unleash your creative passions by sharing your favorite cooking recipes, Filfil experiences, and even graphic designs. Enjoy all your community content and get inspired!

Promote Socialism - We don't mean joining the Filfil Facist Party.
Your loved ones and co-workers are deprived of all the great Filfil-ing moments you have with your meals. Get your referral code by pressing that button in the corner over there -------> 
and utilize your social media prowess to get $1 off for everyone that uses your code!




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