Filfil No.6 Garlic Spread & Marinade

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Garlic Hot Sauce Vegan Recipe

Each bottle has over 20 cloves of garlic! A healthy, vegan condiment that is a great for marinade, stir-fry, or on top of any dish or sandwich. It even makes a great gift for loved ones or your work office ūüôĆ.

You enjoy all garlic health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels and boosting natural immunity. All non-GMO ingredients, no sugar, no artificial preservatives, AND low sodium. 


"The flavor bomb from putting No.6 on my egg sandwich in the morning with mayonnaise and avocado wakes me up faster than coffee!"


Ingredients: NON-GMO Garlic, NON-GMO Canola Oil, Vinegar, Oil, Paprika, Salt, Cayenne, Spices



How can I use it?

With over 20 cloves of garlic Filfil is more than just a hot sauce, it is a cooking sauce, marinade, and all around flavor infuser. You can mix it with: oil for a salad vinaigrette, hummus for a bomb party dip, and the list goes on. No.6, as per its name, is great as a marinade for meat, tofu, or fish as well as on sandwiches.

Is it allergen free? 
Yes! It is soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free. Filfil only has 7 ingredients!!! On the other hand, if you happen to be allergic to garlic then you should stay very far away :(

What does it taste like?
Filfil is first and foremost a garlic based condiment, thus it tastes like garlic.
In addition to this obvious fact is hard to explain. Great food is more than the sum of its parts, Filfil's great flavor can not be summed up as just "garlicky"; it is a little sweet from roasting, a teensy bit of salt, and last but not least spicy with love <3


Isn't 20 cloves of garlic a lot?
Yes! That is why we are in business. Consumers love Filfil because a little goes a long way. Each bottle has enough yummy for a lifetime.



About us:

We are a Brooklyn, New York company with an eclectic group of employees from around the world, who have all fallen in love with Filfil. It truly is a food anyone can enjoy, the flavor is beyond belief. We all bonded together to create a company with the mission of "Adding Yummy To Life" with healthy, all natural foods.

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