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Bon Appétit - Healthyish
March, 2018

5 Healthy Store-Bought Sauces that Make Weeknight Cooking WAY Chill

"Filfil No. 6 is not for the faint of heart (or vampires), but it'll be an instant favorite”

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Refinery 29
January, 2018

10 Unexpected Ingredients That Will Stop Salad Boredom In Its Tracks

" A little of No. 6 — whisked with a bit of water and drizzled on top of any salad — goes a long way.”

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Food & Wine magazine
January 2017 Edition

Objects of Desire – All Fired Up

"Our tasters raved about this Brooklyn-made sauce. The garlicky flavor and mild heat make it an ideal marinade.”



Tasting Table

Holiday Survival Kit

"Meanwhile, you've got Mike's Hot Honey and Filfil's garlic hot sauce to keep you warm. And we won't tell if you fill your BMW Swell bottle with something less innocent than hot cocoa.”




11 Undiscovered Hot Sauces You Need To Try

"What began as a secret family recipe in Filfil Foods founder’s private pantry can now drench your own home cooking in piquant, pungent goodness.”

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Grub Street
January 2017

12 Foods that Will Help You Be at Least a Little Healthier in 2017

"Chiles, vinegar, and tons of garlic are one recipe for getting deep flavor while also keeping things light. This thick spread, based on the North African condiment called filfil chuma, is versatile and will perk up any vegetable you cook with.”

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Real Simple
December, 2016

Holiday Gift Guides – Gifts for Goodies

"Founded in Brooklyn in 2012, Filfil Foods’ simple goal is to add “yummy to life.” Their garlicky hot sauce is one of the crown jewels in our own collection of condiments. Find no mystery ingredients here: Filfil’s No. 7 is made with a ton of garlic, lots of paprika, oil, vinegar, salt, and spices. We like different hot sauces for different things but this one is especially good drizzled over eggs. Add a dash inside your next grilled cheese sandwich or a few shakes to tuna salad. If you love to grill all year long like we do, fire up the Weber and use the garlicky sauce on lightly charred burgers and dogs.”

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Food & Wine magazine
March 2015 Edition

Editors' Top 10 (10 Objects of our obsession)

"Filfil No. 7 sauce is incredibly versatile; I stir it into mayo and vinaigrettes or just drizzle it on dishes for an intense flavor boost." 
Martha Stewart
December, 2016

26 Foods Gifts (Mostly) Under $50 That Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Totally worth the garlic breath! We love schmearing this super flavorful paste on crackers or toast, using it as a marinade, and if we’re being completely honest, eating it straight out of the jar.

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December, 2016

11 Undiscoverd Hot Sauces You'll Need To Try

Based on a North-African staple called filfel chuma, what began as a secret family recipe in Filfil Foods founder’s private pantry can now drench your own home cooking in piquant, pungent goodness: a smoky, spicy, and — of course — garlicky blend of paprika, garlic, oils, and spices. If your make-out partner blanches as you ladle it on (and trust us, you’ll be using your largest scooping spoon), you can woo them back with garlic’s heart-healthy bonafides like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol — or just offer a taste.

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The Kitchn
July, 2016

A Tour of the United States in Hot Sauce

"Brooklyn might not be the first place you think of when you think of hot sauce, but given the city's inherent sauciness, you should. It's the garlic that makes this sauce — not just heat. It's flavor ... tremendous garlicky flavor.”

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Food & Wine magazine
June 2016 Edition

The New Grill Pantry

"There are 20 garlic cloves in very jar of this addictive sauce.”

Clean Plates
October, 2015

Filfil So Good

"With over 20 cloves of non-GMO cold-busting garlic packed into each bottle, the sauce is an immune-boosting, blood pressure-lowering dream come true. Plus, the condiment is damn tasty, too.”

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Brooklyn Magazine
September, 2015

In Praise of: Filfil Foods No 7. Garlic Hot Sauce

"Besides the taste–a desirable balance of smoky, spicy, and garlicky–the most notable thing about Filfil is how versatile it is..”

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Food & Wine Blog
July, 2015

9 Amazing Alt -Burger Condiments to Consider

"Twenty cloves of garlic go into each bottle of this fiery hot sauce. Mix it into yogurt and spread on lamb sliders with slices of fresh cucumber, or enjoy it as is with French fries or on fish tacos.”

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Martha Stewart Living Magazine
June 2015 Edition

Gifts For Dad

"For the heat-seeker -- small-batch, all-natural garlic hot sauce adds a fiery kick to any dish."
Food & Wine Blog
December 2014

6 Condiments We Can't Live Without

"Twenty cloves of garlic go into each bottle of Filfil No.7 hot sauce; you will be both breathing fire and begging for more. Use on avocado toast, mix with sour cream for a quick dip or squeeze it over your eggs in the morning—in any case, you will quickly be addicted to this stuff."

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Francesca and Marisa, 150ish
October 2014

We Can't Get Our Fill of Filfil

"One taste of Filfil (No.7) and the comparison to any other product disappears. There’s the immediate hit of garlic—good garlic without a trace of bitterness—followed by the heat of the pepper. It has great depth of flavor and pairs well with any number of foods."

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Martha Stewart blog
June 20, 2014

Too hot to handle

"The recipe for Filfil Foods' garlic hot sauce originates from North Africa, but the product is made in New York City -- and the taste is off the charts."