Handcrafted small-batch garlic hot sauces

I love filfill. The flavor is divine - so complex and rich. Layered!! An incredible hot sauce. And....JUST enough heat but not enough to be uncomfortable. But the texture! The texture I love best. I can't even describe it. Thick, minutely grainy...it really coats the mouth in such a lovely way. You guys are geniuses. Keep it up.

Michele S.

If so this is a must have! Goes well on... - well anything and everything. I have my home bottle and my work bottle as I find myself craving it at times. Their customer service is beyond reproach as well. Get yourself some you won't be disappointed.

Darren B.

I love this hot sauce! I'm usually a wimp when it comes to spicy foods and sauces, but No. 7 has a bit more of a wasabi-burn than a spicy kick. Dont get me wrong, enough of it will still set your tongue on fire, but I add this to my breakfast sandwiches, mashed potatoes, chicken, etc to add an extra depth of flavor. Highly recommend!

Maris G.

Great 👍 sauces, delicious!!!
And this is a great present for family and friends.

Dana S.

I am so addicted to filfil. I had to buy 3 bottles! One at home, one at work, and one for my pantry when I am about to run out! Keep making my life yummy 😋

Leah A.

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